Transfusion Friday

Thank you to the person who parted with their blood and gave it to me. I didn’t want your blood but it turns out this time I needed it. Please don’t give me any nasties. I promise I’ll cherish it and use it wisely.

It’s a bit silly really isn’t it. I am ok with all these mental chemicals going into my veins but the idea of a blood transfusion scares me.

I mean it doesn’t really scare me so much… It does make me a little uneasy but it’s more just that last time they said I was close to needing a transfusion and I declined and managed to easily get my haemoglobin levels back up myself. I don’t want be to using a transfusion as a first line treatment. That blood can go to someone else.

But this time I tried and it’s not going up. I need the transfusion. Ok fine.

So thank you, whoever it was who shared some of their blood with me. I really do appreciate it.

I can guarantee that so far since it’s been going in, I have sung along to the following songs playing on the radio:

Billy Joel – My Life

Annie Lennox – No More I Love Yous

Seal – Kiss from a Rose

The Carpenters – Close to you

I hope the blood is happy with the songs, but if it is not please don’t blame me, blood – it’s just the radio. I promise to give you a good life resplendent in only good music. I welcome you with open… Veins I guess.

6 thoughts on “Transfusion Friday

  1. John Kirby

    Hi Jen, let me know if you need any more. But mine might not suit you. Too much Guinness and James on and it is B+ anyway . Just a bit rare . Hope the numbers go back up quickly. Love, John.


    1. Aah you just have to be different! Thankfully they found some to match with my very common 0+
      I’m sure I’ll be feeling better with some new blood to make friends with my blood! Even my blood wants to make friends!
      Hope you are keeping well – not long!


    1. Aah yes! Anyone who has lived in Britain (or maybe even visited) during the problem years isn’t allowed to give blood in Australia either!! I hope this blood doesn’t have it! I haven’t been immunised!!!


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