Some good news to share!! And some news that makes Jen grumpy…

Well. I am happy to share with you the good news I received yesterday… From the results of my PET scan, they were able to see that the cancer is responding to the chemo! Still waiting for the MRI to get the complete picture, but  it won’t tell a different story. This means chemo is working and we can keep going as planned. The rapidly dividing cells are starting to… well… not, I guess! Wow. Can I hear a collective ‘wooooo’ please? Thanks! Up until now we had no idea if any of it was being successful, so this is great.

Also my little heart is going well so we can keep throwing the chemo at it. Just need to check my ears and soon my kidneys. Lots of monitoring.

Charlie was lovely and ducked out of work at lunchtime yesterday to come with me to my appointment just in case I needed moral support if the news was bad, but turns out it was just nice to have someone there to high-five and ‘yay’ with. My Oncologist had a yay with us too. He’s fun.

Four hours of my yellow friend today. Trex Tuesdays.

Oh, along with the good news yesterday, I got some terrible news.

My Pharmacist Joe told me he’s leaving me. I said no, and that I would not accept it. He’s my favourite part of Mondays. I look forward to seeing him. We talk about food and restaurants and just catch up about life. He thought telling me that he was going to visit Australia on the way to moving out of London would make me happy. I just glared at him and told him leaving is not allowed and that I hate this story. I will see him twice more before he goes. NOT OK JOE. I didn’t approve this. I didn’t sign your permission slip. No no no. Fix it. He tried to reassure me by saying that he would do a proper handover to the new person. I don’t think he gets it. Joe, you’re in trouble. You’re in my bad books. Grumble grumble.

11 thoughts on “Some good news to share!! And some news that makes Jen grumpy…

  1. Jane Doherty

    That’s great news Jen. Well done! It’s all that positivity coming to you from everywhere.
    I’m sorry about Joe, but at least he has been in your life to start it all going well. That’s a bonus.


    1. Yes!!! Fantastic news! And I definitely believe it was the help of everyone wishing me the best that’s made the chemo work!!
      Such a good point about Joe!! I’m very lucky to have had him for the first half of my treatment! I had him when I needed him most. Thanks for making me realise that! He’s still in trouble though 😉


  2. Donna Congalton

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Thanks for making my Wednesday Jenna. Soooo haaapppyyy. Did you tell the pharmacist about all the killer animals you have in Australia? That might put him off!


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