Trex week wrap up

This week I met with a 4th year medical student who needed someone to use for a case study. You mean I can be the centre of attention and talk about myself? Oh ok! He was nice. We had fun. I’ll see him again sometime.

On Thursday I stopped in to grab my lunch at the UCLH café and came across a lovely couple of older guys also having lunch. I had to poke in at the table with them because it was so busy and I’m a bit tricky, needing two chairs (one for my water backpack). But they moved and shuffled around to make room for me. I eavesdropped on their conversation and one of them had some sort of cancer and it sounded like he was going to be starting chemo. I’m with you brother. Maybe I’ll see you around soon. When I got up to leave they insisted on taking my plate and scraping it and putting it away for me. Thanks guys. Things like this, as always, make my day. What lovely people I keep coming across.

Then I walked through the main UCLH foyer and there was a baroque quartet playing. I always enjoy the mid week entertainment they have there.

So glad it’s the weekend. MRI on Sunday (I don’t seem to be able to keep away from the place!), but I’ll try to slot in a few fun things too.

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  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    Going well Jen, they’re throwing a lot at you but you’re coping well. Well be there with you in a little over a week and hope to be able to give you & Charlie some good support for the month we are there. If you’re up for a few outings, that will be great, but we’ll take it day by day.
    You’ll be just over 1/2 way through when we arrive and another 4 weeks down the Chemo path by the time we leave.
    Very proud of you two and the way you have banded together to battle this monster.
    I think a few treats may be in line for you two Warriors, so stay well and save up a little energy.



    1. Jen Eve says:

      I’m hanging in! Though expecting it will keep being more taxing as we progress. But that’s just another step closer to the end! They’re throwing everything they’ve got at me and I’m meeting it with a big smile and lots of thank yous!

      Looking forward to seeing you soon! Lots of fun times to be had in one way or another! Lots of sitting on the couch and recovering for me but looking forward to having some company ❤

      See you soon!


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