Happy 70th birthday NHS

It is the 70th birthday of the NHS. Where to start? I suppose with something that’s obviously close to me. Looking at cancer alone – 50% of people get cancer. That means you, and your mum. Or your partner and your dad. Or your sister and your best friend. I know of people in the…

Emergency blood transfusions!!!

So I came in this morning for a quick pre-chemo blood test, expecting to be in and out quickly. I wanted to check what my platelets and neutrophils were doing so my friend the Australian nurse Charlie said to hang around and they’d be able to tell me the results in about 20 mins time….

Transfusion Friday

Thank you to the person who parted with their blood and gave it to me. I didn’t want your blood but it turns out this time I needed it. Please don’t give me any nasties. I promise I’ll cherish it and use it wisely. It’s a bit silly really isn’t it. I am ok with…

Uh… did you just say blood transfusion??

So I had my usual Monday appointments yesterday. First Doctor, then Pharmacist, then up to Ambicare to get things sorted. I had my bloods taken on Friday so that meant I didn’t have to have it done on Monday morning this week. I had a different doctor this time – sarcomas are usually treated in teams….