Emergency blood transfusions!!!

So I came in this morning for a quick pre-chemo blood test, expecting to be in and out quickly.

I wanted to check what my platelets and neutrophils were doing so my friend the Australian nurse Charlie said to hang around and they’d be able to tell me the results in about 20 mins time. So we waited.

And good thing we did. My neutrophils were a very respectable 1.9 which was a very pleasant surprise (I’d been tentatively hopeful for 0.5). However, my haemoglobin was very low (63) and my platelets had dropped again (30). So. 3 units of blood ordered asap. We’re ignoring the platelets for now. Apparently 20 is the worry.

Two I’m having this afternoon – I’m currently on my second.

The third I have tomorrow.

Thanks again to the amazing people who made this possible. Blood donors are saints.

Now. Tomorrow. I have a kidney test. This goes for 4 hours. I get injected with… Something… And then I go away for two hours. Then I come back every hour for three blood tests. They worried me by saying I would have to have a cannula and that they couldn’t use my PICC line. I was aware for the injection I would need a needle, but I hoped they wouldn’t need to put a cannula in me all day to take the blood from – that’s what my PICC line is for! And we all know from recent experience that cannulas don’t work. Plus my whole right arm is bruised, swollen and sore.

BUT! I just emailed my CNS (my main nurse contact) and she called the kidney test people who confirmed that they could use the PICC line for taking blood.


So tomorrow is dad’s birthday. We’ll come in for the first, mean part of the test where I have a needle. Then we’re going for birthday brunch nearby! That’ll be nice. Then back and forth a bit for a couple of hours. Then back over to haematology for one more unit of blood which will take about 2 hours.

And then we’re free!!!!! Over for a drink in the old booking office for the St Pancras station, an absolutely fantastic building. Then up for birthday dinner in Angel.

Hopefully everything is coming up Jen from now. Just need those platelets to sort themselves out.

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  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    Going well Jen.

    Here’s hoping your blood tests today will be okay for continuation of the Chemo.

    It’s a roller coaster ride but you’re firmly in the saddle.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jen Eve says:

      Trying my best to stay there!! xxx


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