A post of gratitude.

You know what has been amazing? My friends and family, and really anyone who I have come in contact with.
The support I have received through this all is overwhelming.

I find it difficult to have things done for me, to accept help. I’ve always been staunchly independent. But the offers to help from all different directions, should I need it, have been so lovely, and have meant so much.

And of course not just offers, anyone who has done anything for me when I have needed it, I am eternally grateful.

On top of that, the packages and presents and cards and flowers I have received have been amazing. Seriously.

To anyone who has sent or given me anything, in general or for my birthday, to anyone who has offered any help, or any support, I wish I could find words to thank you all, and I wish I could list you all by name, but we would be here forever. You all know who you are, and I would be lost without you all.

Also to anyone who has given a blog post a comment, or a Facebook or Instagram post a comment or a like… To all the lovely words you have saved for me – Every one of those means so much.

Even to people I don’t know who have reached out with a message or followed the blog, this is special too.

You never want to be in this situation, but I find myself feeling so lucky on a daily basis for all of you wonderful people.

My parents are currently here too, visiting from Australia for a month, and we have been having so much fun now that I am no longer dying in hospital. Even if it involves sitting around for transfusions or playing Scrabble in the Cotton Rooms. It’s been amazing, and I am so grateful to them for being here.

I am surrounded by love and support from so many people, and I can’t thank you all enough for every little thing. And big thing of course! You are helping me get through this, each and every one of you!

So thank you. Eternally. I’ll never forget how amazing you have all been through my hardest struggles.


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  1. Wendy Fairweather says:

    That photo of you is beautiful. You are an amazing lady and your inner strength is admirable. Still it’s okay to get shitty with the world; as I tell my own daughter. One day at a time. Wx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Thank you so much!! Some days are more difficult than others. But they always end and turn into another which can be better. And that’s important. Things can always get better. Thankfully. xx


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