Well I was hoping to avoid hospital again… But here I am…

My Methotrexate levels are meant to be 20 but they’re currently 93…

Wow. That’s a bit crazy!!! So I’ve been admitted. To UCLH and not Whittington at least. And hopefully not for too long at all! And not in my own room because I’m essentially healthy otherwise!

Just not part of my plan. And I hope not a sign of the future, just yet another hangover from the horrors of the last couple of weeks. They’re just going to give me some Calcium Folinate via IV to hopefully knock that down to safe levels. Fingers crossed my body can do the rest on its own!

Mum and Dad have run across to the Cotton Rooms to make me some burritos 😁 yum! Thanks guys! And grab me my laptop and pyjamas.

The lady next to me has been on the phone since I got here and keeps saying ‘allo’ over and over again.

The lady diagonally across from me keeps falling forward and occasionally talking to herself. And kinda sounding like she’s dying from coughing stuff up.

Also there’s a door down the corridor that slams every few minutes.

My nurse Natalie is lovely but she’s almost done for the day.

So… It’s going to be an interesting night!

See what they all think of my alarms for my tablets at midnight and 6 am!!!

Shoulda given me a private room!

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  1. Donna Congalton says:

    Oh no….hopefully it means you stay outta hospital for Christmas then! Did you want us to call so you can say allo in unison with your neighbour 😁


  2. John Kirby says:

    Jen, I hope you are out today.


  3. Sure seems plans never go as expected! This is such a roller coaster and so tough to plan even next day events. Great attitude!


    1. Jen Eve says:

      It’s hard because you know planning things is silly because nothing can be guaranteed (and less and less, it seems) but having plans keeps you going!!! I think the key is to be as flexible as possible and make the most of anything you can!


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