Mouth ulcers are a bitch.

I get a lot of ulcers in general anyway but let me tell you, you don’t even remotely understand how bad they can be until you have chemo ones!Currently I have three on my lower lip. You can see them, lovely great big white sores. 

And that’s nothing compared with what’s going on further back where you can’t see. I can’t really open my mouth. Eating is tricky obviously but soft things are nice. As are ice lollies.

The mouth wash they give you is good but salt water is also amazing. Bonjela is nice too but hard to poke it into all the far reaches of your mouth.

Aah really they’re not too bad. They seem to appear for a couple of days and then get better. This round is definitely the worst they’ve been though. I’ll survive!

More importantly… What do I want for dinner tonight?

While I’m at it, do you know what else is a bitch (why not make this a good old bitch sesh now I’m on it)?


Commonly referred to as ‘Dex’. Like he’s an old friend. Or a psychopathic serial killer.

I mean… I can’t really slag it off too much, it’s one of my anti-sickness meds and we like them, they have quite a useful purpose. But this one is also a steroid. I try to have it before midday at the latest each day but today they gave it to me at about 3:30pm. Hence why I’m sitting here writing this at 2am because my mind is going crazy and I just need to do something! I’m all twitchy. Which is hilarious because I’m also tired from the chemo! I also have my body pains quite bad so I’ll pop another codeine soon and see if that manages to appease the steroids.

Drugs drugs drugs!!!!! I’m becoming an expert! Or a junkie… Maybe both.

10 thoughts on “Mouth ulcers are a bitch.

  1. Andrew Taylor

    So far away and so unable to help you, Jen. Not that I could do much if I was there but I would be able to give you a Hug.

    Love you so much.


    1. Aah it’s honestly not that bad! I’m just creating dramatic literary effect!! It’s not getting me down, don’t worry! Nothing I can’t handle.
      But I appreciate the love and thoughts as always of course! šŸ™‚šŸ™ƒšŸ™‚šŸ™ƒ


  2. Hi Jen,

    Ulcers and insomnia, that’s a recipe for a rough night.
    I use Anbesol when I have a bad ulcer. It makes your mouth delightfully numb for a while so only put on the places where you need it or you’ll find your speech sounding a little drunk. šŸ™‚


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