Cycle 2a has started!

Today I met a lovely old man while I was waiting for my Monday morning blood test. He had a head of fantastically wayward short fuzzy grey hair.

He stopped me and said his had started growing back (I told him it looked fabulous) but he said they were going to take it away again and we bonded over how being bald is liberating and we’re happy to not have to style it every day.

He shook my hand and said ‘we’re in this together’ with the warmest of smiles.

I wished him the best of luck and he went off to get his blood taken.

These sorts of interactions will stay with me forever. There are so many wonderful people to meet along the way.

Like my pharmacist. He’s great fun and I always enjoy my Monday sessions with him. We discuss music and food and ok we talk chemo too, and mostly, but it always feels like a catch up with a friend rather than an appointment with a pharmacist. This makes all the difference. Thanks Joe, you’re the best. I wonder if all these amazing people we come in contact with know how much joy they can bring to us just with a smile or by remembering your name. I really must endeavour to get better with names.

I went up to Ambulatory Care after all my appointments and started chatting to another sarcoma patient who was on her second week of her second cycle (I’m first week of second cycle). We’re quite rare us sarcoma patients, so we like to find each other when we can. We chatted about unenjoyable side-effects that no one warns you about and shared various stories. That was fun.

Anyway I’m now hooked up to my favourite combination of cisplatin/doxorubicin. Also I have a slight cough and runny nose so they’ve swabbed me for flu and I’m not allowed to go to the Cotton Rooms until the results come back clear. So tonight I’m staying at a different hotel. It’s nowhere near as nice but I can hardly complain about being put up in a hotel, it’s just that The Cotton Rooms are so special. I miss them and all my friends staying there. But plenty more time!

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  1. Kathy says:

    How lovely to meeting some really nice people xxxx good luck on your last week of your first cycle hope you’re back in the cotton rooms tomorrow lots of love xxxxx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      It’s so nice to meet some many great people along the way!! Yes I hope they can transfer us over soon!! xx


  2. John Kirby says:

    Wishing you a good 2nd cycle. It ‘s wonderful that you seem to be surrounded by really good people.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Thank you!! Yes indeed I do! And I seem to make friends wherever I go! Very lucky.


  3. I love how you are able to make friends so easily Jenna. Possibly another upside of being in London. More chance of meeting others in similar positions. Kia kaha


    1. Jen Eve says:

      I do seem to make friends a lot in general but when you’re around all these amazing people who understand and are going through it too, it’s easy to have a smile and a chat. And everyone I meet is so amazing! Even just a 5min conversation means a lot and I love to connect with people!!
      But from the first moment I moved to London I never felt alone because I would make friends wherever I went! Love this city.


  4. Andrew Taylor says:

    Take it easy Jen. Here’s hoping you are soon back in the Cotton Rooms.

    Going well.

    Love Da.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Definitely hoping for that but nice to know that there are other options if needed. Though I hope I don’t need them again!!


  5. Jane Doherty says:

    Go well, you wouldn’t want to give anyone a cold.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Agreed. The fact that they are taking extra precautions to ensure I don’t have the flu is reassuring that the ward and cancer hotel are safe places!


  6. says:

    Sending squeezes fro Mallorca xxxx


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