Surgeon meeting take 2

So I met with the surgeon today. We’re aiming for surgery on the 5th of March. That’s soon. When will I find out if that’s going ahead? Hopefully Tuesday. 5 days before I would be going to hospital. Plenty of time for my parents to book tickets to come over, right?

Found out I’ll be losing some of my right nostril in the surgery. He said he’ll try to keep it minimal. So that’s wonderful… Permanent damage. Hopefully only a small bit (still not good), but it’s possible I’ll wake up with a huge chunk of my nose gone. And that’s not like… Fixable.

Also losing some of my nose on the inside, all the way up to my eye socket. He’ll build that back though.

Found out there’s 50% chance of him having to stop the surgery half way through and leave me in hospital for 4 weeks with a big hole in my face before doing the second half. (Though I don’t know if that stat is correct because he was angry at us for asking questions so was stretching the truth on a few things to try and scare me)

Found out I’ll need a feeding tube for quite a while. Weeks? Months? And I’ll probably need a tracheostomy during surgery. 70% likely. No talking for 3-5 days post surgery. I’m sure that will be bliss for everyone around me at least!

Also it’s likely that the bone for surgery will come from my shoulder. Which I think is better than leg. Oh yeah and if you were wondering, it wasn’t my choice to make whether it’s bone or prosthetic. Prosthetic is only if you can’t bone for some reason.

Here I was going into this meeting thinking there couldn’t be much more for them to drop on me. Ha. My mistake.

I did also find out that while a year to wait for teeth is standard, it’s possible to start looking at it after 6 months depending on recovery. So there’s some hope.

A thousand thanks to my girl Shiri for coming with me to the appointments today. And for bringing me a sandwich! Oh the notes we wrote. Well mainly her. Because I can’t write, remember?

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  1. Roberta says:

    Best of luck Jen – keep strong and being as brave as you are.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Thank you! I will try my best 🙂


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