A day filled with bombshells.

Today was a big day.

I met with the surgeon who was 2 hours late to see me… So that was fun.

He (and his team) dropped a couple of bombshells.

  1. I might not be able to sing after the surgery. Like… Ever. Or at least it might change my voice…
  2. I’ll have a scar under my nose.
  3. They’ll take out my whole top jaw except for my left hand side, canine to the back (I suppose that was expected).
  4. I have to make a decision whether I want a prosthetic, or bone taken from my leg…
  5. It could take up to two to three months to be able to eat properly again.

On top of that there was some good news.

  1. Swelling should go down within a couple of weeks.
  2. I’ll be in hospital for a week if I choose prosthetic, 2+ if I choose bone (I guess this is only a good news if I go with prosthetic).

The prosthetic surgery takes 3-4 hours and the bone one takes 10-12. Plus… Like… I won’t be able to walk for some time if I go bone…

Bone sounds huge!!!!! Prosthetic is sounding pretty damn good at the moment… I’ll have another meeting with him closer to discuss options. But there must be some big pros with bone because otherwise why would anyone choose it?

THEN I went to see my Oncologist to start my chemo (Doxorubicin) and my platelets were too low, so I couldn’t. We’ll try again next week.

THEN he looked at my kidney test results and my kidney function is not good and I’m risking severe kidney damage so I might not be able to continue with my last 4 weeks of Methotrexate…


I’m tired just writing that.

Thankfully Charlie was with me for all of that which I am very grateful for. I would have struggled in my own. Mainly just a lot of information to take in and… Yeah it was good to have some support and someone to talk it all over with after.

We went to the pub for lunch after. Only thing for it. I stuck to Apple juice. Looking after you, kidneys.

My Oncologist didn’t seem to think that missing out on those Methotrexate weeks was really a problem. In the grand scheme of things they’re not really that important. The main thing was getting the four cycles done and all of the horrible Cisplatin. So I’ll take his positivity onboard. Not the end of the world. I know of someone else who skipped a Methotrexate week anyway due to scheduling so… They can’t be allllll that important! It’s not like I’ve been told chemo isn’t working or my body can’t hack any of it.

I’m going home for a bath. I think I’ve earned it. I’ll make the most of my free week off at least. Brunch with friends tomorrow… Movie night tomorrow night… Yeah. It’ll be ok.