Delirium and Midnight Alarms

Firstly, before I get to the story from which this post got its name, I hobbled in to the ward on Monday. Hobbled? Yes hobbled. Must have looked an absolute mess. Especially with my bald head too. Someone even moved to give me somewhere to sit on the bus ride down the hill. How come I have a hobble? Well I stumbled while running for a bus after bottomless brunch on Saturday and twisted my ankle, leading to it being very bruised and swollen. Silly me!!!!! As of now it’s mostly just swollen and bruised, not sore anymore so I think with some more Deep Heat cream I should be ok!

Nothing like making it easier on myself!!! But this is another example of how I can have a normal life in my one good week!

Anyway my main story comes from the delirium of methotrexate and having to get up at midnight to take tablets. So on Tuesday I got my Methotrexate and I was quite tired and foggy after. I went back to the Cotton Rooms, had some dinner and went to bed. My alarm went off at midnight presumably, but I didn’t hear it!! It must have snoozed itself and it went off again at 9 minutes past 12 (I’m guessing). I don’t know if I snoozed it or ignored it, but thanks for the alarm snoozing and trying again to wake me. It is very important that I take these tablets.

Finally I heard it at 12:18. I started talking about how I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom, I’ll just go when when my alarm goes off in 45 minutes. At this point Charlie wakes up and says ‘Jen it’s past 12, you need to take them now.’I then proceeded to say ‘oh I thought it was 15. Is it actually 10:45?’

Charlie was understandably confused but kept telling me I needed to take my pills and I finally woke up and snapped out of it. Yep they say methotrexate makes you a bit disorientated… As do alarms going off at midnight!!! Thank goodness for Charlie!!

The rest of the pill taking (up until this point) went by without a hitch. I’m not sure how long I have to keep taking my ‘rescue pills’ for, maybe if I get to go home today I won’t need them anymore (until Monday of course)? I suppose we will see!

8 thoughts on “Delirium and Midnight Alarms

  1. Linda Milton

    Hi Jen.
    I hope that you have a restful weekend and that your ankle is on the mend. We’re following your progress in not so sunny Northants and wishing you all the best. Xx


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