Macmillan Support and Info Centre 

This morning I found myself in the Macmillan Support and Info centre. No one had told me it existed or anything about it. There is definitely a breakdown in communication between my team and me… I appear to not be told a lot of things. Maybe that’s normal, but I seem to be expected to know what to ask and who to ask it to in order to find anything out.But that’s another matter. And I always seem to get there in the end.

I had seen some signs around the Macmillan Centre about diet advice in the Support and Information Centre and thought ‘ooh that sounds interesting’. So once I finished my appointments I wandered in to see what it was all about.

That was when I stumbled across The Living Room. A comfortable looking little haven where people were sitting around and drinking tea, knitting, lazing, chatting, hanging out.

I wandered around probably looking a bit dazed and confused and had a quick scan over some of the info booklets that were on display when someone came up to me and said hi and asked if they could help with anything. Should I give her a shout out? Go on then – she introduced herself as Catrina. I think it’s ok to give some personal credit here!

I just sort of said I have cancer and I’m rather new to it all and interested in health and wellbeing and exercise etc. and I don’t really know what I’m here for but… hi!

From here a whole world opened up. She showed me information about the various workshops and groups and talks that they have at the centre, as well as alternative therapy options (Reiki? No thanks. But Massage or relaxation… Yes! Could definitely be good!)

I mean… I’m not struggling. Like… emotionally or mentally or whatever. I’m not desperate for help, I have an amazing support network and the whole getting cancer thing for me has just been a matter of ‘right, cool, let’s get on with it then’. I don’t have dark days or hard times (other than feeling physically terrible at times) – though I always add the caveat of ‘yet’. But knowing that there’s extra support and things going on and various ways to help me through this long slog… well it’s nice! Very nice. I want to get involved in anything and everything!

Catrina gave me loads of pamphlets and pointed out the Living Room and facilities, so I made a cup of tea while I read through my papers and waited for her to gather up a few more bits of information for me.

As an after thought she said ‘oh, I can see you’re going with bald fine, but are you interested in wigs?’ 

Well I’m interested in everything! She said she would see if the wig lady was in and free!

Turned out she was, and I met Nicola, the wig expert. We were immediately laughing and chatting and we both had pretty much the same idea about what wig would be best for me. We tried out a few and had some fun with a few different looks, but it was the one we had both thought of, and the first one we tried that I went with! Check me out, I look super Pulp Fiction. 

I’ll get some more photos later, but this will have to do for now! So I probably should have been referred earlier, but I guess I hadn’t specifically known to ask for it so it didn’t happen. Lucky for me I’m loving the bald and was happy without it for the big shave! Also lucky I stumbled upon the info centre! As an inpatient, I am entitled to one wig, and I am super happy with the one I got.

I went away armed and dangerous! Lots of extra knowledge and a sexy new look! Feeling on top of the world!

I am grateful to both Catrina and Nicola for their help today! It was lovely to meet them both!

Methotrexate tomorrow! Bring it!

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  1. Kathy says:

    So happy you found more support xxx the wig is amazing you look beautiful jen all our love xxxx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      It’s amazing what’s out there once you start looking for it!!!
      Thank you!! It’s a fun wig!!! xxx


      1. Kathy says:

        Looks great xxxxx


  2. John Kirby says:

    Hi Jen. Delighted you are in touch at last with Macmillan Support. They are wonderful people.
    you look fabulous with new wig. Good luch for this week.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Yeah I found my way to the support people!!! Looking forward to getting involved.
      Thank you!!! Ready to hit the week head on!!! xx


  3. nioce. You do rock the baldness but hey now you can go for choice. I like it and yeah hospital systems seem to be similar everywhere. Glad you stumbled upon this one earlier than later. ♡♡♥


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Thanks!!! Yeah I like to mix it up!!
      Interesting to know! I seem to find out about all the important things one way or another so it doesn’t seem like a big problem, I just often feel on the back foot. But as long as I get there in the end I suppose it’s all good!!


  4. says:

    Wow loving the wig and I am actually doing a painting of Uma Thurman. Like everyone else has said the Macmillan nurses are amazing and people think they only help terminally ill patients but they help anyone they can associated with cancer. They supplied a new fridge for my dads friend so it’s all sorts. a friend of mine became a carer for her husband while he had cancer and six months later she still hadn’t received the carers allowance. She spoke to the Macmillan nurse and 2 weeks later she had all her money backdated. They do a wonderful job. When dad had cancer his hospital put him in touch with a Macmillan Consultant so I guess it depends which hospital your under. Much love ‘n’ squeezes.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Oh amazing!!! I’d love to see it when it’s finished! When I was at school there was a person in my year who was convinced I was Uma Thurman Haha funny how things go!!

      Oh wow that’s amazing! Yeah they seem so lovely and helpful. It really makes a difference knowing there’s someone there who can help if you need it! A while support base! Macmillan has really impressed me.


  5. Nikki says:

    So pleased you found the macmillan support and info centre, a little concerned you had to ‘stumble upon it’ though. We need to do more to make sure everyone is aware of the service. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment and recovery.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Thank you!!! Yes it was a fantastic discovery!!! Really it was easy enough for me to find once I had seen a poster on the back of the toilet door, and I’m generally quite inquisitive and everyone inside was helpful. But it might have been good for my clinical nurse specialist to think to mention it, but she’s not very present.
      Believe me, I shall now pass on about my new discovery to anyone who will listen!!!
      And I’m so grateful for such an amazing service!!! I feel so much less alone now!!


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