First meeting with the Oncologist


Today I’m meeting with my oncologist. He’s a specialist in rare sarcomas. That’s good, I feel!

I’m not sure what he’s going to say to me. I’m taking my boyfriend along for moral support.

On Monday I have all my scans – CT, MRI and an ultrasound, and we’ll find if it’s spread to my brain or my spine or my neck and glands…

I mean I’m still not worried, and I am super excited to get moving on all these tests. But then you think about what if it is in your spine… that seems like something that you can’t really recover from too easily… but anyway, I’m sure it’s fine. Just a sarcoma in my jaw. I’m not going to think anywhere beyond that unless I have to.

So glad it’s all moving so quickly. NHS, I love you right now.

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