When you first find out about chemo…

So yesterday was fun.

Turns out I need chemotherapy. And then surgery.

Chemo is going to be… insane. I start with a one-off session of three full days, then I have three weeks off for my body to build back up again. And then I start my cycles – four days a week for three weeks straight (where i won’t be able to function normally at all in that time), followed by two weeks off. That repeats for 6 cycles. 7 months of it. Then surgery.

Wow. I mean… I wasn’t expecting it. Not to that extent. Never to that extent. When the dental specialist first mentioned it, he said definitely an operation (which I expected), possibly radiation therapy (which isn’t too bad – you keep your hair and can keep going on with your life) or chemo (that big scary word that no one wants to think about).

Then when he said 7 months… and that’s best case scenario, it could get dragged out a bit. Well… I didn’t really know what to say.

The worst part is that the chemo won’t shrink that tumour at all, as it is in the bone and not soft tissue. So I will have this lump on my face until they operate next year.

But I didn’t cry or get mad or upset. I just sighed and nodded and asked when we could start.

Yes, I will rock the bald look. And blue wigs.

9 thoughts on “When you first find out about chemo…

  1. Teresa

    Hi Jen,

    Well I must say you have the most amazing positive attitude and I have read that people with positive attitudes tend to have a better ‘journey’. My friend had cancer and he used to call it his burglar because he said if a burglar was trying to get into your house you would fight tooth and nail to keep him out and that was his attitude to his cancer, this burglar ain’t going to invade my body. The hospital said his attitude was the main thing that kept him going.

    I hear you have a creative talent and my friend and I are just starting to write a book together, not sure if that will work but so far so good. Maybe if we get it going you could be our ghost writer or editor. We are at early stages yet but we are really going to try and do it. I will explain Sunday if your able to come along to my birthday bash, all advice and ideas would be welcome.

    Ta ta for now and and see you soon.


    1. Exactly! As soon as you give up, it’s beaten you! Got to have a fighting attitude, and I love a good fight! Especially with the help of all this amazing support from everyone. And anyway, life is to short to not make the most of everything, even if it is quite terrible at times! Learn from every experience and take what positives you can find from it!

      That sounds super interesting, I would love to hear all about it. Definitely fill me in on Sunday! xx


  2. Wow, I know we don’t know each other, but I just want to reach out as well because I too have osteosarcoma in my jaw bone (upper jaw) and have got the same plan of chemo as you (as much of a bitch that it is). Hearing your story it sounds like we were diagnosed at similar times (i was diagnosed 28th September), and had surgery in Feb (so now i’m toothless too haha).


    1. Oh wow hi! Thank you for your message! I can’t believe yours is upper jaw too! How are you coping with everything? Where were you treated? So great to hear from you!!


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