Day four and first week of chemo is DONE!

Day four, I woke up tired and in pain. Surprise surprise. My back was starting to hurt from lying down (lots more on this later, unfortunately), and my chest was sore from the chemo pumping in. But there was a light at the end of this tunnel, today I was getting disconnected and going home! Charlie was meant to be going to work, but at the last minute decided he could stay with me for the day. Which I was so grateful for. I didn’t realise at the time how much I needed him there, but in hindsight I definitely did.

I don’t think I mentioned it earlier, but Charlie came in with me on my first day and on my last day of chemo, and having him there was so amazing, it made such a difference and I was calm and happy. He won’t do it every time, but just for these first few I am very lucky to have had him there with me. Thanks Charlie, my hero.

Anyway, we checked out of the Cotton Rooms at 11, but my chemo didn’t finish until 2pm. We probably could have chilled in the Cotton Cove for a bit longer but I wasn’t feeling great and I also wasn’t sure if they needed to do anything earlier, as they had told me to go over as soon as I checked out. So over we went. But we were early, and so they put us in a little room where I got to lie on a bed and Charlie got to sit on a chair next to me. Super chill, I liked it. I was having increasing stabbing pains in my chest which was not so nice (right hand side though, so not too worrying). It came to 2pm and they finally disconnected me and the relief was overwhelming!

Next they took some blood from the PICC line and I was in so much pain. Pain like what I imagine it would feel like to be stabbed in the chest on the right hand side – the exact place where I had been having pain the whole time (I’m sure stab wounds hurt more, I’m definitely over-exaggerating, but it was painful and sharp). 

The nurse was terrified, of course you’re not meant to be in any pain from the PICC line. So they called the doctors immediately who ordered another ECG (I think I forgot to mention I already had one on day two). ECG came back fine, but they wanted one of the doctors to see me after she finished in the clinic. So we waited a bit more. The pain was still there but not as bad as when they were taking the blood. I would just occasionally get stabbing pains. Eventually the doctor arrived, chatted to me, listened to my chest, etc. She could see no reason for the pain so she said to just go home and take paracetamol if it hurts and hope it doesn’t get worse, and to come back if it does. She double checked with the PICC team that they were happy everything was ok (who we had to wait another hour for) and they sent me on my way.

I think we finally got out of there at about half 5. Uber home.


I think the pain finally stopped about Wednesday the following week… But there’s another adventure to fill you in on before we get to there!

The main thing was that chemo was over and I had two weeks off to recover! I also had one of my besties coming to visit from Australia the next day, so I needed to rest up. So I went home and tried to sleep. But more about that later too.

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  1. John Kirby says:

    I hope the time off was really good for you both. Charles is being wonderfully caring for you, and that’s great. Love, jk


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Yep!! I’m very lucky to have Charlie!!! And we are very much enjoying this week now I’m finally feeling better!


  2. Kathy says:

    You’re such a trooper xxxx 💙💙❤

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