I always really liked the receptionist in the oncology clinic, but I haven’t been back there in a while. Yesterday I went to surgery clinic and she was there.
‘Jen!’ She called out happily and asked me take a seat
That made me smile.

I had some meetings with the Speech therapist (Lucy) and the Dietitian (Jessica) and I love them both. I will be happy to see their faces on the other side. As well as Ammi and Nima who I met the other day (I’m not sure if they’re both nurses). And the CNSs too, I’ve met a couple of them, not sure if just one or all will be around.

Oh and did I mention my anaesthetist is from Sydney? Can’t tell though, I think she said she’s been here 12 years.

Anyway I spoke with Lucy, Jessica and Laura the CNS yesterday as well as Deepti, who is another wonderful member of the surgical team and I’m feeling a bit better about a lot of things.

Firstly, SURGERY IS CONFIRMED FOR MONDAY! I will be admitted Sunday afternoon and at 8am Monday it’s all go. I won’t wake up again until sometime Tuesday.

Mum and sad will be here in time! They booked their tickets regardless and they turn up Friday morning. They will be here to take me in on Sunday. Mum may give you all an update when I am awake if I am not capable.

The surgery itself will go for 12-16 hours. Could be more.

Nostrils can be reconstructed (they can even use cartilage from the back of the ear!)

My surgeon cares about how things look and he will fit scars into areas you normally have lines (like a smile line).

My shoulder blade will go in my jaw and some rib will go in my nose. They take the blood supply and some muscle out of the shoulder and connect them up with my face. I will also have a cut in my neck which will be like a window for them to connect the blood supply to. This all keeps the tissue alive. Incredible. My shoulder muscle will become the roof of my mouth. At first will be big, but as it wont be used, it will eventually atrophy.

Within 7-10 days they’ll be getting me eating pureed food and drinking. It’s not definite I’ll go home with a feeding tube but I might.

There’s a small chance there will be a problem with using my bone. Then I will get a temporary copper plate and eventually a prosthetic. But hopefully not.

In less than a week this cancer thing should be gone. I will be me again. A new me, hopefully eventually not looking too outwardly different to the previous me, but ME! Me without cancer!

22 thoughts on “SURGERY MONDAY IS GO!

  1. Pat Banister

    What can I say Jen; good luck, hope all goes well? They’ve all been said. You are without doubt the most positive person I have ever had the honour to know. May my God go with you and yours as well.
    Pat and family

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are too kind! I am very much looking forward to being on the other side of this and being well enough to update you all!
      Much love xxx


  2. Hi Jen, wishing you all the very best of everything. I had bone and skin grafted from my shoulder to reconstruct my jaw etc! Sounds like a similar op. I had feeding tube fitted 2 days b4 and was nil by mouth for 8 weeks. It’s all gone swimmingly well and they are pleased with my healing neatly one year on xxxx

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m already starting to try chewing soft things, a week and a half post (second) surgery! Any idea why you were NBM for so long? I hated the feeding tube! Eating (well, mostly drinking at the moment) is hard work but so much better than that stupid tube!
      So glad they’re happy with yours! We’ll get there! xx


      1. Hi my lovely,
        I have no idea why I was nbm for so long apart from I was very swollen and even now I can’t have anything too hot or too cold! All vert sensitive.
        Like you my face was saved. Great eh?
        I wish I could share a photo with you!

        Ali xx

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  3. Katherine Cheshire

    All the best with it Jen – sounds like this meeting was so much better than the last and that your recovery will be all ok! Glad your mum and dad will be there. Much love and we’ll be thinking of you! If you need puree recipes on the other side give me a shout – all over it with KKs early days

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  4. Clancy

    All the best Jen with the surgery – I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes all the way from Australia! Clancy xxx


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