So today we had a handyman around to fix the lock on our bathroom door and one of our light switches.

They were popping out to pick up some things and asked if I was going to be home, and I said ‘yeah, I’m currently recovering from chemotherapy, so I ain’t really going anywhere’ and they were really lovely, supportive, wanted to chat a bit, ask questions, etc.

They went and got their part and came back, and as they were leaving they had a bit more of a chat to me about my cancer and chemo. Then one of them started talking about alternative cures. Like about how Hemp cures cancer. And how ovarian cancer is now all cured thanks to immunotherapy.

I mean immunotherapy is amazing. It’s being used in trials to see if we can make the immune system actually treat the cancer itself, instead of all this chemo. Medicine amazes me.

But… it wasn’t an option for my cancer, especially since chemo is working. And I am all for trials! But I think they should probably be reserved for people who have decided not to have chemotherapy or can’t, or whatever.

Anyway, I smiled and said it was all very interesting, and he swore to me that he would contact me and give me all the information he has, and find out if Hemp would cure mine, and which type I would need. Thanks…

You do come across this – people offering their great alternatives to chemo, or recommending some oncologist they know (who obviously has nothing to do with my very rare, specific type of cancer – I’m being treated in possibly the best place in the world for this type of cancer). They essentially mean well (mostly), but wow. You just need to switch off to it all.

The ones that make me the most angry is ‘just eat this plant every day, it is more effective than chemotherapy’ – I’ve only seen this online, no one I know has tried this one on me. But who buys into this!! I suppose people who’s hope is slowly fading. Where do people get off on deceiving people out of their lives? What do they gain from it? Money, I guess…

Did anyone hear about Belle Gibson? The Australian who swore she cured multiple cancers through her special diet, which she was selling in book form and via an app. Scarily, so many people were jumping on the bandwagon! Where is your common sense and reasoning ability people?! Turns out she made it all up. Surprise surprise. Hope she didn’t kill anyone who should have got treatment:


It’s a scary world out there. And chemotherapy is scary too. And very unpleasant. There are some good reasons for some people to not have it, and of course some people can’t. That’s where alternatives like immunotherapy trials come in. And that’s brilliant. But no, turmeric lattes will not cure your cancer – they’re all the rage now, right? Neither will coconut oil. It is yummy to cook with though!

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  1. John Kirby says:

    Yet one more incident of people who want to help you. How lovely.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      This is true! The Handymen definitely meant well.


  2. Kat says:

    As I said in my card smile and nod and imagine me defending your chemos honour! They do mean well and it’s nice that they care enough about a stranger to offer their (unsolicited, uneducated, unwelcome, unfounded and unsafe) advice. But your spot on – trust your (chosen, educated, sensible) specialist doctors (scientifically proven, purpose designed and safe, as it can get) advice! Hemp might be fun, but turmeric lattes are nasty … you’re doing so well, chemo sucks (way more than hemp) but so does cancer! Keep on keeping on xxx

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    1. Jen Eve says:

      Hehehe I put the turmeric latte bit in for you 😉
      It’s obviously fine for someone like me who can reason and think and isn’t going to get swept up in alternative medicines but it does really scare me to think that people might get tempted by these things!


  3. Andrew Taylor says:

    Hehe, when one is House Bound, it’s amazing how a visit from even a noisy tradesman can brighten one’s day. They sounded like they meant well and it’s always interesting to hear others opinions. I believe you have the right approach to your ailment. Chemo & Surgery all the way.

    I’ve always said it’s interesting how everyone has a view on Politics and Child Rearing. Looks like Cancer may be in the same camp. It sure affects a lot of us and it’s never very far from one’s thoughts and fears.

    Reminds me of the days when I had a long stint at home looking after you and building our timber yacht “Look Sharp”, Jen.
    I wasn’t exactly lonely but I did develop a skill of keeping wrong number callers on the line, chatting away for much longer than they probably wanted. Haha, those were the days.



    1. Jen Eve says:

      They were lovely and it’s interesting to hear what other people are into… But I’m not sure why people think they know more than doctors!

      Haha clinging to some human contact, hey! That was definitely a long time to spend on your own!!


  4. Ashlea Ross says:

    I did a study on Belle Gibson with my Year 12 English class. She was very manipulative and when interviewed by Tara Brown on 60 minutes attempted to play dumb. People like that a very harmful to people who might be desperate and looking for anything to help cure them.

    Keep doing what you’re doing xx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      It’s quite scary, isn’t it. I’m just amazed that SO MANY people jumped on her ideas. Not just gullible or desperate people! It’s a scary world out there!


  5. rhonda deans says:

    Hey Jen 😊
    This made me laff so much, ur right who ever got better from this eating cranberries (one that was suggested to me duh 🙄 Lol) an the like, yeah eating healthier is good but it’s not a cure, just ask poor Steve jobs who bought into the whole alternative idea, and realised too late that it wasn’t working.
    Love reading your blog and seeing how your doing-which is amazing by the way😊xx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Hahaha I know!!! It’s hilarious! Also if I hear someone else preaching the ‘alkaline diet’, I’ll probably shake them and scream!!!
      I mean if alternative stuff makes you happy WHILE you’re having chemo, all good. But it ain’t a cure, and keep it to yourself! Don’t preach to me!
      So glad you’re still reading and following along!! It’s been a bit rough at times and it’s not over yet but it is getting closer every day! THANK GOODNESS!!!!! xxx


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