So today we had a handyman around to fix the lock on our bathroom door and one of our light switches.

They were popping out to pick up some things and asked if I was going to be home, and I said ‘yeah, I’m currently recovering from chemotherapy, so I ain’t really going anywhere’ and they were really lovely, supportive, wanted to chat a bit, ask questions, etc.

They went and got their part and came back, and as they were leaving they had a bit more of a chat to me about my cancer and chemo. Then one of them started talking about alternative cures. Like about how Hemp cures cancer. And how ovarian cancer is now cured thanks to immunotherapy.

I mean immunotherapy is amazing. It’s being used in trials to see if we can make the immune system actually treat the cancer itself, instead of all this chemo. Medicine amazes me.

But… it hasn’t cured anything yet. And I am all for trials! But I think they should probably be reserved for people who have decided not to have chemotherapy or can’t, or whatever.

Anyway, I smiled and said it was all very interesting, and he swore to me that he would contact me and give me all the information he has, and find out if Hemp would cure mine, and which one I would need. Thanks…

You do come across this – people offering their great alternatives to chemo, or recommending some oncologist they know (who obviously has nothing to do with my very rare, specific type of cancer – I’m being treated in possibly the best place in the world for this type of cancer). They essentially mean well, but wow. The one that makes me the most angry is ‘just eat this plant every day, it is more effective than chemotherapy’ – I’ve only seen this online, no one I know has tried this one on me! But who buys into this!! And where do people get off on deceiving people out of their lives? What do they gain from it?

Did anyone hear about Belle Gibson? The Australian who swore she cured multiple cancers through her special diet, which she was selling in book form and via an app. Scarily, so many people were jumping on the bandwagon! Where is your common sense and reasoning ability people?! Turns out she made it all up. Surprise surprise. Hope she didn’t kill anyone who should have got treatment:


It’s a scary world out there. And chemotherapy is scary too. And very unpleasant. There are some good reasons for some people to not have it, and of course some people can’t. That’s where alternatives like immunotherapy trials come in. And that’s brilliant. But no, turmeric lattes will not cure your cancer – they’re all the rage now, right? Neither will coconut oil. It is yummy to cook with though!