New Year updates

Now that all of the excitement of Christmas is over and my parents are gone, it’s time to do some reflecting.

December was a big month. I turned 30, I had the worst few weeks of my life health wise (physical and mental health) when I was feeling so terrible and going through so much pain and stress, and on top of that Charlie has decided to leave me and move out.

I had no warning at all, no idea it was coming, so it’s been a total shock and not easy to deal with at first, but I am pushing on with purpose into the new year.

He is still being supportive when I need him for something and I am grateful that he got me through the worst bits, and definitely through the last of my injections. I will always be grateful for everything he has done, he was wonderful.

Having my parents around has been amazing and I am grateful to them for their support. It was good timing that they were here.

I thought it might be a lot more difficult from here, being on my own now, but then I realised I’m not on my own. I’m never on my own. I have such amazing friends to support me whenever I need them, and I am staunchly independent anyway so I’ll survive. And as I say, the worst of it and those bloody injections are gone!

Dad and I did a cover of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Hand in my pocket’ on Christmas day after hearing it playing at a café the day before. I’ll put a link to the video up here soon, but I have a new appreciation of that song now, I’m pretty sure it was written about me. Very poignant.

And all I can say is that everything’s gonna be fine fine fine.

12 thoughts on “New Year updates

  1. Lorna Tapp

    Never liked that song but I love it now because of you. You are absolutely amazing just riding the waves of challenges and staying on top. Hoping 2018 will be all upwards. Everything’s gonna be fine fine fine ..lots of love and hugs xxx


  2. Donna Congalton

    Oh dear Jenna. I guess even through illness the struggles of life have to carry on. We are with you 100% of the way. And I have to say loved your song even played it on NYE! Look forward to hearing heaps more music from you and Andy in the future. ♡ Kia kaha


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