A somewhat disjointed update…

I looked at my eye lashes this morning… there appears to be a bit of a gap in my lower set on my left eye. Well then. I suppose they’ve had enough and are going on holiday. My left eye is also really swollen at the moment and itchy and a bit gross. So really I look a bit odd. Eyebrows are still going strong though! Thanks guys!

My ‘good week’ is nearing its end and it doesn’t really feel like it’s started yet. Lots of coughing, being tired and feeling a bit shit really. Plus the eye thing. I had to work from home yesterday because I wasn’t feeling physically up to going in. But I have managed two pub quizzes this week and I’ve got some nice things planned this weekend including seeing The Dears on Saturday night (their album ‘No Cities Left’ is great), bottomless brunch with a friend, and Mail Rail (riding on the old abandoned underground railway that used to be used to carry the mail).

Should be fun!

I was doing some thinking this morning, and you know what’s really weird?
Cancer is created by your own body. It’s your own cells deciding they need to rapidly multiply.
I had never really thought about it before this whole adventure started.
I always thought my body was out to get me but I didn’t realise it was in such a big way!

I made a new friend this morning. I had to go in to get my pre-chemo bloods taken and my PICC line dressing changed. She told me my hair (well…head) looked great and told me her cancer story. Breast cancer 5 years ago and now it’s come back and spread to a lot of different places. Sounds like she’s had a difficult time. Do they not monitor her closely to make sure they catch it as soon as it comes back? Or is it just luck that you can catch it before it spreads everywhere? Gee, cancer can be scary. Mine certainly isn’t. But she was doing ok. She referred to her cancer as a parasite. And I’ve heard that a lot. ‘Parasite’, ‘intruder’, similar such words. But it’s not, it’s just your body thinking it’s helping but actually accidentally trying to kill you. How is it that they can get it so right and yet so wrong?

I found out today that I have to stay in the alternative hotel next week, as well as isolation in the ward, and have to have three days of negative swabs to rule out me having a cold. And if they’re not negative (I’m a little worried) then I’m in there the next week too. No bench space at all to even put my jug down in the bathroom… who knows how I’m going to do my pH testing…

But it’s all just an adventure, isn’t it?

I’ll be particularly grateful for The Cotton Rooms when I finally get back there.

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  1. John Kirby says:

    Hi Jen.
    sorry to hear about the eye thing, and I hope your swabs turn out right for you. I am glad to see you are not totally missing out on the music gig front. By way od contrast I was at Philharmonis Orch concert last Sunday for Mahler 3. Colossal altogether. Hope to get in a visit to Barbican later this month for LSO and a favourite pianist. In NOV i will be getting ready for my op. David is visiting for two weeks, to be with me. Aren’t I lucky.
    I hope nexr week goes well for you. Love .


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Glad you’re getting some good gigs in too! Hopefully you won’t be out too long for your op but great that you can have David around for a bit to help out. Make sure you rest and look after yourself and feel sorry for yourself for a bit!! Take it easy!


  2. Kathy says:

    Hi jen
    Poor you sorry to hear about your eye the treatment is so harsh xxxxx hope your swabs come clear have a good weekend xxxxxxx all our love xxxx


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Unfortunately it’s always making some part of me stop working! But then there’s always something to get better too!
      Fingers crossed for the swabs! The first was done yesterday I’m not sure of the results yet!
      Hope you had a great weekend!


  3. thenailqueen@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Jen,
    As always a positive note on everything. We are off to a cancer charity event tonight to raise money for the supporters and carers of cancer sufferers. We give one of our paintings to the charities here and they auction them off for a few bob. We have just donated on to a lady who is trying to set up a charity for Parkinson Disease, she is 53 and just been diagnosed. As there is not much on the island to help Parkinson sufferers and their carers and as Vics dad had Parkinson we felt it a worthy cause. We can’t do much for people who suffer all sorts of difficulties but a few bob always helps. Have a fab weekend and good luck next week with your tests etc.
    Much love. Us from Mallorca.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Oh wow, that all sounds amazing!! That’s great if you can help out a charity or two. And especially with some amazing paintings! We all have to pick our causes and hope there are people to pick up the other ones we can’t!
      Hope you had a great weekend and the sun is shining in Mallorca!!


  4. Andrew Taylor says:

    Take it easy Jen. Hope that little eye problem soon clears.
    With you all the way.


    1. Jen Eve says:

      Fingers crossed!


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